Websites for Art Groups

Websites for Art Groups, Textile Art Groups and Art Trails tend to be large sites featuring many artists. They must look professional, current and stylish and are an essential marketing tool to support the group’s activities.

Often such groups have been in existence for many years but frequently the group’s website is an ongoing cause of concern. Many groups do not have reliable website strategies. Common  issues include:

  • Partners, sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews offer their web design services for free, but often do not have the expertise or time or ongoing commitment to maintain such a large site.
  • Committees come and go and management of the website is often the website is passed from pillar to post.
  • Many groups do not have members with the technical skills needed to maintain such a large website.

How we can help your Art Group

We have experience of designing and maintaining websites for art groups. We can take away all your website headaches by providing a professional and ongoing website design and support service.

Our Art Group design service includes everything an art group needs to run a website:

  • Registering a domain name for you.
  • Setting up suitable hosting (where your website files will be stored).
  • Advising on layouts options for individual artist pages.
  • Advising on marketing mailing list options.
  • Building your website for you.
  • Ensure that your site can be found easily on the Internet by the major search engines.
  • Advising on the best way for your group to manage your website.
  • Setting you up as editors so you can update your pages yourselves
  • Or providing a paid-for update service perhaps once or twice a year.

Above all, we will provide a constant for your website. Committees may come and go, but we will always be here to make sure that your website works properly and looks smart and professional.

Taking over an existing Art Group website

If you already have a website, we can take over the site and manage it for you. We will review your site and advise on the best way ahead. In practice, this may mean converting your site to a WordPress website or if your current site is already a WordPress site, we can re-theme it to give it a contemporary new look.

You can update your site yourself, or use our maintenance service

All our websites are built using WordPress and can be set up so you can edit the content yourself. If nobody in your group is confient in using computers, you can use our website maintenance service instead where we do the updates for you. Or you can do both!


Request an Estimate for an Art Group Website

The first step is to get in touch. If you already have a site, send us the link so we can take a look. Tell us what you think of your site and how it could be improved. Tell us about how you currently maintain your site.  If you’ve seen any sites you like, send us the links.

Things don’t need to be exact at this stage. All we need are your initial thoughts so we can provide a rough idea of costs. Our estimate is free. Email: