Web design for Art Groups

We have lots of experience in designing websites for art groups and art societies. Below is some information you might find useful.

Does our art group need a website?

For an art group or an art society, the main benefits of having a website are:

1. Helps promote the art group’s work, exhibitions and events to a wide audience
2. Helps create a strong group identity
3. Assists communication within the group
4. Provides a selling opportunity for artists
5. Individuals in the group can use the address of their web page as a showcase for their work – a low cost alternative to an individual website

Recommended pages for an art group website

All websites are different and depend on the owner’s needs. But typically, an art group website has the following pages:

1. Home page – this may include a text introduction to the group, contact details and links to the events page and list of members page.

2. Events page – this is an opportunity to inform visitors of past, present and future events and exhibitions planned by the group.

3. Artist showcase pages – each page usually includes the artist’s biography and source of inspiration, together with four signature pieces. Each signature piece is enlargable – ie a visitor can click on an image to see a larger version (each of these enlargement pages counts as a separate page in web design terms).

Optional pages include:

Links page – links to other art groups, suppliers, magazines etc.
Guest books – an opportunity for people to leave comments
Blogs – keep a creative diary
Members only area – password protected area for important, dates, meeting reminders etc
Group image gallery

How much does an art group website cost?

Every website is different. The total cost of a website depends on the number of pages and the complexity of the design. Art group websites tend to be quite large websites, especially if each member has their own page. Once we have received a full brief, we can give you a quote. Prices for a simple art group website start at about £500.

Optional extras

Any optional extras can be added to the site specification (visitor statistics, search engine submission, sliders, extra galleries, newsletter sign up forms etc) for an extra charge.

What are the ongoing costs to the group?

Domain name registration, hosting, backups and and support for one year is included in all our packages. From year two onwards, you will need to pay your yearly renewal fees (currently start at £95 per year).

Social media marketing of your group

We have our own social media feeds that feature daily the work of our community of over 200 artists:


If you decide to use our services, you can opt in to our artwork marketing service where we promote your website and artwork free of charge on our social media pages. It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose really, but entirely optional.

Managing an art group website

Dealing with a group of 10 people or so has obvious logistical problems. We recommend that each art group appoints a website coordinator who will be the main contact. Typically, the website coordinator will:

1. Liaise with us on all matters relating to the website
2. Liaise with members on matters concerning up dates and provide update briefs when appropriate

Individual members should be responsible for providing the website coordinator with text and images needed for their showcase pages.

Updating your art group website

Typically, art groups want to update their websites once or twice a year – perhaps replacing images or updating exhibitions or memberships. Updates are charged on an ad hoc basis of £39 per hour. When a change is required, the most efficient method is for the website coordinator to contact each member of the group and request if any changes are required. The requests for changes should be collated into one email and forwarded to us. We will be able to give you a quote based on the anticipated changes.

Obviously, the cost will vary depending on how many changes are required. Two to three hours work is typical for an update but may be more if the changes are extensive.

Alternatively, we can make your art group website self-editable so you can make changes yourself.

What happens if a member leaves or a new member joins?

It is easy to remove or add a member from the site.

Managing the finances of an art group website

Different art groups fund their in different ways:

1. The art group pays for the entire site – perhaps yearly membership fees cover the cost of the website
2. The group funds the basic set up costs, and asks individuals for contributions to showcase pages (either the full cost, or a %)