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Like it or not, Facebook is now an important marketing tool for artists. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you are missing out on sharing your website with a much wider audience than you can expect if you just rely on Google searches. The problem is that many people don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. We offer a Facebook customisation service for artists to kickstart your social media presence.

Why do I need a Facebook page?

All artists need a website to promote their work online. It acts as an online portfolio and a contact point on the web. It’s also a place where you can send out a precise message about who you are. For professional artists who actively want to promote their work, simply having a website is sometimes not enough. An essential marketing tool is a Facebook business page (not a personal page). You will get far more out of your website—and actively send people to your website—if you create an artist page on Facebook.

How does Facebook grow your business?

Conversations on Facebook are a example of how Facebook can promote your work. Here is an example:

Say an organiser of an art show visits your  artist’s Facebook page and follows your work.  You engage with your organiser and post about your work. The organiser gets involved in a conversation with you and invites you to participate in an art show. Thanks to the show’s success, a gallery decides to stock your work. So from humble beginnings, you have been able to get an invitation to participate in an art show, and as a result of the art show, a gallery decides to stock your work, neither of which would have happened without online networking via Facebook.

Of course this scenario is not going to happen to everyone, but there is the possibility that it might. One thing’s for sure. If you don’t have a Facebook page, it’s never going to happen!

If you run a Facebook Page, your ultimate aim is to gather ‘likes’. ‘Likes’ are positive endorsements by people who have visited your page and like your work. You page will only be as effective as the number of people who ‘like’ it. The people who like your page are your audience and you want to grow it as much as you can. For example, every time someone ‘likes’ your page, Facebook posts a link to it in that person’s newsfeed, which means it will show up on all of their friends’ newsfeeds, and if any of their friends ‘like’ it, your page will show up on all of their friends’ newsfeeds, and so on. This is the fundamental way marketing by Facebook works – people liking and sharing things that they like.

How do I create a Facebook page for an artist?

Ideally you need to create an official “Page” for your artwork. The advantage of a business Page over a personal page is that ANYBODY can contact you by “liking” your page without having to become your “friends,”.  It’s actually not too difficult to create a business Page for your work. There are plenty of tutorials on Google. But many artists simply do not have the time or skills to do the job.

Can you set up a Facebook Page for me?

Yes, our Facebook customisation service for artists might be just what you need to get you going. We will add all the basic information from your artist website: your contact info, bio and artist statement. We will include links to your artist website and any other links that you consider important – stockists and galleries for example.

In addition to basic details, we’ll also upload your images, creating a new album for each body of work. The aim is encourage people to share your images, and post them on their blogs and Facebook Pages.

We’ll make sure it is easy for visitors to go from your Facebook page to your artist website by including its URL on all posts. This is important, as if visitors have to hunt around to find your URL, chances are they won’t bother.

How much does Facebook customisation for artists cost?

Prices start at £100 for a fairly simple set up with a customised banner, important tabs and upload of a set number of images. We may also add a Facebook’s Like Box to the home page of your artist’s website. This lets people ‘like’ your Facebook page directly from your website. You can even consider having a Facebook feed on your websites home page. In fact this is a good way of posting your latest work not only on Facebook, but on your website too. The final cost of the customisation will depend on how much you want us to do. Contact info@studiowebsitedesign.com for more details.

Will you maintain my Facebook page for me?

Our Facebook Kickstart service is designed to get you up and running on Facebook. We’ll add basic content and also show you how to make posts. However, once launched, the success of your page is really up to you. Even if you do nothing else, you’ll at least have a Facebook presence which is better than nothing. But ideally you’ll need to login regularly and build your Facebook audience. You’ll need to keep them informed of what you’re doing by posting to your Page’s wall. That’s not something we can do for you really. Maintaining your page and building your audience is something you need to do as you know your business best.

If you find it all too much, the very least you must do is add new work to your site now and then. We can help you with that, but to gain maximum benefit from Facebook, you need to become a Facebook regular!

Facebook Page Customisations

If you are interested in our Facebook Kickstart service, please send an email to info@studiowebdesign.com