for How much does a website for an artist cost?

Well, there is no simple answer to this question. Every artist’s website is slightly different. Some are large, some are small, some have special features. So there are no set prices. We need to know your requirements before we can give you an estimate (although our website for an artist price guide further down this page will give you some idea of what we charge).

To complicate matters further, there is more than one way of building a website, and each way can have pros and cons and cost implications. At the start of any new project, we will ask you lots of questions to establish what you need. We will then suggest the best possible solution and give you an estimated price.

Artist website price guide

To give you some idea of our prices for a website for an artist, here is a rough price guide so you have some idea of what to expect before making contact. All prices include a domain name, hosting, content backups, social media marketing (if required) and support for one year.

Entry-level websites for artists – from £500

A very simple WordPress website customised to your requirements. These sites are suitable for an artist with a small portfolio of work. Typically, they consist of a home page, an about page (for your CV), a contact page and a twelve-image gallery to display your work. For an extra charge of £85, the WordPress content editor can be activated so you can update your pages and galleries yourself. These are quality, robust sites and run on all modern browsers and are mobile responsive. Prices start at about £500 for an entry level website for artists. Our entry-level websites are easy to expand as your portfolio of work grows.

Standard websites for artists – from £525

These are suitable for an artist with a larger portfolio of work and include two twelve-image galleries. Larger sites can cost anything between £525 and £900 depending on the number of pages, galleries and special features included. Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with a personal estimate.

Websites for art groups – from £800

Art group websites can be very large, featuring a gallery page for each artist in the group. We have experience in designing a number of websites for art groups and can offer advice on how to manage this type of project within your group. Each project is different, so please contact us for prices or look at our Art Group Websites page for more information.

Yearly website renewal fees

The registration of a domain name and the first year of hosting and support is included in all our initial web design packages for artists.

From year two, you will need to pay our yearly management fee which includes domain name renewal, hosting renewal, backups, and complete technical and editing support for your website for one year. If you are have any queries or problems with your website, all you need to do is email. Plus, if you opt in, the renewal fee will also include our own social media marketing of your website. The average yearly management fee is currently £99 per year for standard hosting or £135 per year for premium fast hosting (July 2023).

Factors that affect the cost of a website

  • The number of pages (and amount of text/number of images on each page)
  • The number of image galleries (and number of images in each gallery)
  • The total number of galleries that you want to display on your site
  • What special features you want on your site (e.g. blogs, guest books, subscription forms etc.)

The bottom line is that the more complex your site in terms of functionality or content, or both, the more it is going to cost you.