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Website re-design service for artists

Website redesign and updates

You may already have a website. It may have been designed a long time ago and is looking a bit dated, or perhaps your web designer has moved on and you don't know how to update your site. We can help.

Free website review

We can provide a free review of your current artist website. The review will check if your site is responsive (required by Google these days), check that it complies with modern web design standards and that it displays properly on modern browsers. We will report on its Social Media friendliness (something that can't be ignored). We will also make suggestions about how the site can be improved and give you an estimate of costs.

Editing the content of an existing website

Occasionally we may be able to edit the content your website for you, but it depends on how old it is and the technology used to develop the site. Often, it is simpler and more cost effective to start again from scratch with a new website. You can choose to use the same content to make the process easier and keep costs down.

Let us take a look at your current site

The first step is to provide us with a link to your website using the form below, or you can email the details to:

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Too old or beyond repair?

Some websites are just too old-fashioned or flawed to repair and update. If this is the case with your site, you may need a re-design, perhaps using the same content but giving your site a brand new look and feel.

Visit our web design services for artists page to find out how we can help.