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Web page layout

What factors affect page load speed on an artist’s website?

Websites for artists tend to be media rich – lots of galleries and images. If poorly designed, a media rich web page (such as a gallery or home page slider) can take a long time to download which will discourage your visitors from browsing your website. Worse still, they might not even bother! Here is a…

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Why can’t I see the most recent version of my website?

A common problem when we ask you to review a link to a development website is that you can’t see the changes we have made on a web page. We have definitely make the changes, so what’s going on? Computers save web pages to speed up browsing In most cases, the problem lies with your…

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Website for a sculptor

We were recently asked to create a website for a sculptor. Sculptural work can present a challenge for traditional lightbox galleries because ideally the thumbnail needs to show the complete sculpture. If the images to be shown are a mixture of portrait images, this can result in rather ugly spaces between the thumbnails in the gallery grid. Since…

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